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NHS vs. Obamacare and Death Panels – Happening Sooner Instead Of Later

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I will get to how the current iteration of Death Targets at the NHS are joined at the hip to Obamacare Death Panels, but first let me set the stage.

Over at the British online version of The Telegraph is an article y Sarah Napton on a small uproar being caused by a United Nations mandate to prioritize ‘younger’ citizens for healthcare in the UK.  With the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals program in place, those over 70 years of age will be openly discriminated against for medical services in a system already stretched thin by the socialized medicine model being used.

A professor of social policy and international development at the University of East Anglia, Prof Peter Lloyd-Sherlock happens to be the lead author in a letter written and published in The Lancet.

In that letter prof. Lloyd-Sherlock states: “This premature mortality target is highly unethical, since it unjustifiably discriminates against older people.

The reasoning behind Lloyd-Sherlock’s letter is the insistence by the UN on a goal of targeting only younger citizens to reduce the mortality rate for certain diseases. Diseases such as stroke, dementia, cancer and diabetes. Even a cursory glance at the list of diseases would lead anyone, including a lay person to recognize those diseases are age related! In the article Lloyd-Sherlock is quoted as saying:

“The targets are not quite set in stone yet, so we have a final opportunity to impress upon the UN the need to alter this explicitly ageist health target.

That statement begs the question of when did the UK give up their right to sovereignty to the UN? Is a mandate by the UN to be laid down as law by the UK now, with no thoughts of just saying “No thank you, nice of you to offer, but still, no thanks”

Now, you may have already asked yourself why all of the fuss over at the NHS is of any relevance to those of us sitting in the US of A where we have had the finest medical system on the planet for decades. The answer is a simple one to answer, for those who have been paying attention to the ramifications of the socialized healthcare most popularly known as Obamacare.

The elimination of available options for privately held healthcare, in a move toward a single payer system (socialized medicine i.e. NHS) was the underlying goal of Obamacare, and those goals are being met. Currently, finding an affordable health plan which a private citizen can purchase from an insurer is a case study in frustration. Our choices are limited to very high premiums with low deductibles, or slightly lower premiums with bizarrely high deductibles.


Paul Gregory wrote an article in Forbes noting the dissatisfaction of the left with the disaster that Obamacare had become, and that was in 2013. In the article Paul Krugman, the Liberal Icon (or Moron depending on your point of view) of Reason is quoted as saying:

“Imagine, now, a much simpler system in which the government just pays your major medical expenses. In this hypothetical system you wouldn’t have to shop for insurance, nor would you have to provide lots of personal details. The government would be your insurer, and you’d be covered automatically by virtue of being an American. Of course, we don’t have to imagine such a system, because it already exists. It’s called Medicare, it covers all Americans 65 and older, and it’s enormously popular. So why didn’t we just extend that system to cover everyone?”

And then there are the other folks in the room. No they aren’t any more adults than the Liberal Democrats, they’re just the former and current crop of Corporate Welfare promoting Republicans… the GOP standard bearers who whined and moaned and piddled in their diapers when Hillary-Care was being touted by none other than the presumptive (at one time) Democratic Presidential Hopeful (hopeless) Hillary Rodham C.

Strangely enough, at the LA Times is an article lambasting those same GOP buffoons, and lamenting all of the problems with Obamacare, and ending the article with a plea to just finally do it – give us a Single Payer Health Care System based on Medicare and lets be done with the problem. Paul Whitefield writes the article and despite his lambasting of the Obamacare health care, he still toes the Liberal Party Line and that will keep him in the good graces of the Liberal Left, I’m certain.

Clearly, Barack Hussein al Obama, the student of Saul Alinsky politics, has his agenda planned, clearly he has funding from both internal and overt socialist money sources, and possibly from socialist sources external to the USA who use shell corporations, along with Super PACs, and assorted funding routes to further his agenda. One question surrounding all of the money flow into the sham of advocating for affordable health care is: How long will the American Public remain complacent and continue to put up with the lies, fraud and deceit? It pays to notice that none of the Uber-left Democrats will ever wake up, nor will they ever make any noise which might be construed as a negative statement regarding a Single Payer System for healthcare. That includes those who send their own parents, and grandparents to the death panels. A Good Socialist never fails to remain in lock-step with the Party Platform and Ten Year Plan.

One salient hope we of the Conservative Right still have though is one person who is on the radio five days a week attempting to enlighten the masses. Rush Limbaugh is still showing up for work and doing his best to bring sanity and a joke or two to the fight against this Liberal Left Coup. For the Rush 24/7 folks out there, doing a search of the archives shows Rush engaging the enemy all the way back to the beginning.

If the teachers unions were as interested in teaching students the art of critical thinking instead of simply trying to indoctrinate them into 21st Century Saul Alinsky Neophytes, maybe they would push the current administration to provide a Single Payer Rush 24/7 access at every school in the country. Don’t hold your breath though, that might be hazardous to your health and you could wind up in the mess which our health care system is devolving in to.


Written by Gar Swaffar

June 1, 2015 at 2:03 am

2 Responses

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  1. Ah, the UN dictates! Just one more reason to get them out of here and stop the funding of the World Order POS.

    Of course it’s easy to see how a one payer system would have to have death panels for seniors. Medicare already has death panels in actuality.


    June 1, 2015 at 4:02 pm

  2. Socialized healthcare without Death Panels can’t work – ever! Demand outstrips supply and then no one except the Elite Leftists and Faux Conservative Leftists are the only ones remaining with healthcare.
    The UN? Nut jobs and crooks – one and all.


    June 1, 2015 at 7:07 pm

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