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Ultimate irony of McLame advice

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Current washed up senator and fool John Mc Cain telling the current crop of Poly-Tick President wanna-be’s how to behave and how to think is, in my book,  one of the penultimate forms of irony. Not only did Mclame run one of the least well done campaigns in modern history. Not only did he choose as a running mate a person who could not or would not take the heat as governor, but the American electorate turned away from McLame in droves to choose an even bigger moron with zero political experience to run the country.

John McLame should join his erstwhile Jimmy ‘Peanuttiest’ Carter on a bus tour of retirement homes and fade from view into obscurity and irrelevance. Instead they both want the limelight, they both need to put forth moronic views, (Carter shines brightly as the biggest fool though)

McLame’s contention in the above linked article at CNN is the height of ludicrous thought processes.

His statement that he is more concerned about what a bunch of primadona political hacks think versus what the actual Speaker of the House of Rep’s has stated he will do is a tell tale sign of senility.

Boehner has said he will push for a cut in funding for the illegal and pointloess war against Libya. The primadona’s were posturing at a GOP debate.

McLame telling us we can’t repeat the mistakes of the 1930’s is so lacking in judgement it beggars the mind to consider that he still has an actual voice in our Republican form of government. The biggest mistake of the 1930’sw was John McCain himself (born 1936)

The conceptual vacancy of believing the mistakes of the 1930’s is even possible in a world which is now so interconnected proves McLame is over the edge senile or perhaps as was Ronald Reagan, McLame has developed Alzheimers disease.

Isolationism? On a planet where social media, instant messaging, internet communication You Tube show us what’s going on in China, Libya, or Timbuktu?

If the American Tea Party goes rabid and decides to take on the Federal Government, does a professed stance against isolationism mean it would be OK for China or Russia or Mexico to send troops against Washington D.C. and target Resident 44 at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

Does Johnny have any actual advisers  who are willing to tell him he’s going down a road that doesn’t make sense in light of the current regimes policies?

I am simply stunned at what must pass for intelligence on Capitol Hill these days.

We need 535 new members of CONgress and leadership from the people. We do not need more of the same old elitist pandering Poly-Ticks.


Written by Gar Swaffar

June 19, 2011 at 4:26 pm

Posted in Re-Thinking

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  1. Really like your style of telling it like it is — unvarnished. Great read here, Gar. McCain has issues, that is clear. He is not what I would call a clear thinker. Rather, he is an appeaser. Perhaps that what he had to do to survive the torture he endured. Perhaps a life-long habit was formed out of that nightmare and he just does not recognize it. I only know that the old codgers/codgerettes in office/those who have been there for more than 6 years are a threat to the Republic. Power is more addictive than money, IMO. The voters share equally in the mess in which we find ourselves. None of this would be an issue if we, the voters, regularly changed those who serve.

    Mrs. AL

    June 20, 2011 at 1:22 pm

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