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The Peanut Man Cometh and Goeth

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He goes, but every time so far he has unfortunately come back. Jimmy Carter needs a prison cell for treasonous behavior or at the very least he needs a room in a mental health facility.

He’s back in North Korea again lauding the praises of the Korean Midget and his fifth rate, Third World Fecal Hole of a country. Jimmy “The Peanuttiest” Carter is ranting again about food shipments being cut off or delayed by both South Korea  and the United States.

Jimmy had the audacity to call the US and South Korea “human rights violators” with what has to have been a straight face after the botox injections the old fool got last year.

Why deny the people of North Korea food some would ask? The answers are simple. North Korea attacked and sank a South Korean ship last year, the north continues with a nuclear program with the aim of arming itself with enough nuclear weapons to threaten anyone and everyone around them. (primarily South Korea though)

The North Korean Army is nearly as large as the United States Army, which is what most of the counterfeit US dollars go for. As a matter of record the North Koreans have 48.8 active military personnel per 1000 capita which is one of the highest in the world while the US has only 5.1 active military personnel per 1000 capita and even Israel only has 24.4 active military per 1000 capita.

The North Koreans spend an enormous amount on their army and make certain they’re fed the best and never have to go hungry. The general population on the other hand has been forced to eat grass on more than one occasion just to try to get by.

So Jimmy the Moron of Georgia believes the South Koreans should feed the North Koreans so the North Koreans can continue to pour money into a military establishment which would love to cross the border and take what the South Koreans have?

Jimmy, you are such an embarrassment to this nation which spawned you and your liberal ilk. What a goofy twit you are, have you no shame for being so unutterably unintelligent?

And the US, we should feed that war mongering pig-dog in Pyongyang? The same twit who consistently threatens and blusters about nearly everything ever done on the planet?

Jimmy needs to home to Georgia and stay there for good, he’s no smarter than the average First Grader and his first pet had to be a chicken.

Perhaps the greatest condemnation of a former US President I’ve ever read is the statement in a Fox News article:

“Carter is well-respected in North Korea”

There’s no difference in having the Midget of the Korean peninsula saying that as to have had former Soviet thugmeister Nikita Khrushchev praising former President John Kennedy. Which is ironic from a different perspective when I consider that John Kennedy couldn’t even be part of the current Republican Party since he would be considered a “far right wing conservative Tea Party” kind of politician and “out of touch’ with the American people.

Carter has committed grievous harm to this nation while he was the Resident of 1600 and now he continues to harm this nation. I have zero hope that he will ever be held accountable for any of it.


Written by Gar Swaffar

April 29, 2011 at 4:52 am

Posted in Re-Thinking

2 Responses

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  1. Oh, Oh, Oh … do I get to vote? Huh, huh do I?

    I vote GOETH.

    Mrs. AL

    April 29, 2011 at 5:54 pm

  2. absolutely, you get a Chicago vote. All conforming votes tabulated five times


    April 29, 2011 at 6:39 pm

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