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Zogby Polling and the Arab influence

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Zogby polling has been a staple of unbiased polling data since it gained market share after being founded in 1984 by John Zogby.

The future though is a bit murky since Zogby was purchased by a company which goes by the name of IBOPE. Being a person who supports an individuals right to do business in whatever fashion suits them, I can’t disagree with the concept of Zogby being bought out last year, nor even of the choice to wait until now to let the rest of us know that it happened.

And the only real problem I see in the issue is what I admit is a very Politically Incorrect point of view, I don’t agree with the concept of an Arab being involved in the information processes which we in America use to make our choices of poliTICKians (poly= many/ tick =  a blood sucking bug)

I admitted it is non-PC attitude, but I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion on the matter.(I’ll refer back to this later) The Arab connection comes from an email which was (I presume) sent to all of those who have been signed up as survey takers from Zogby polling.

In that letter is the usual tripe regarding how this move will make a better company and a much wider access to better polling data, and the merger will enhance the polling of more people, yada yada yada yaaaa.

At the bottom of the email is the following:

IBOPE Zogby International remains a privately held company, structured with a Board of Directors and managed by myself, Kjell de Orr, the company Chief Executive Officer. In addition to myself, the Board of Directors for IBOPE Zogby International includes John Zogby, Chairman of the Board; Marcelo Kac, Latin American Business and Operations Executive Director for IBOPE Inteligencia; Marcia Cavallari, Chief Executive Officer for IBOPE Inteligencia Group; and His Highness Prince Turki bin Khalid al Saud.

We maintain our headquarters in Utica, NY where John Zogby first launched Zogby International in 1984, we also have offices in Miami, FL and Washington, DC.

I look forward to your continued participation in our surveys and I thank you for your loyalty that has made Zogby International, and now IBOPE Zogby International, what it is today. Please know, your personal information continues to be safe and secure with us.


Kjell de Orr
Chief Executive Officer
IBOPE Zogby International

In all honesty I don’t have a great animus towards the Saudi’s for very much, except for 9/11/2001, Osama Bin Laden, the high price of oil and for letting Jorge W. Bushez (Bushez 43) hold the King of Saud’s hand and also just in general for being Arab’s who hold a great affection for the 7th century child molester Muhammad.

And to now have IBOPE as a partner in the polling data to me is very suspect. I’m probably just being mildly paranoid or Arabaphobic I suppose, but then again I don’t care about the opinions of other people. (remember?)

Please note in the excerpt above that Turki bin K. Saud isn’t an actual officer and doesn’t hold a specific job in IBOPE nor now in IBOPE Zogby. What I would infer from that is that he might be the bankroll behind the two companies now merged into one.

One lesson I’ve learned in life is the reality of the purse strings controlling the business of business. And when all else fails, follow the money.

Zogby polling is now controlled by an Arab with ties to the Royal House of Saud. Should we presume the polling will remain completely unbiased as regards the antics of our 7th Century child molester following adversaries?

Oddly enough, on the IBOPE website I find no mention of the partner from the House of Saud. I’m sure that is probably just an oversight which will soon be rectified, ……….or buried.

I’m not going to hold my breath on that one, how about you?


Written by Gar Swaffar

March 16, 2011 at 3:53 am

Posted in Re-Thinking

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