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TEA Baggers or Niggers Who is More Incorrect?

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When Barack Hussein uses the word TEAbaggers to describe a segment of America, I simply don’t believe he is unaware of what the difference is between TEA Partiers and TEA Baggers.

The use of the pejorative term is of course akin to the use of what is now euphemistically called the ‘N’ word which so many Southern Democrats still use when not on camera.

Both the word nigger and the term TEA Bagger are offensive when used to describe a person. Most often the person being described is unknown to the person using the terms in a personal and derogatory fashion.

The terms are used by strangers to condemn other strangers for either the shade of their skin or a belief system which does not include cradle to grave government intervention in the lives of the average American Citizen.

Traveling through the Deep South thirty five years ago on a quest for sanity after a series of excursions through South East Asia I found the nigger word widely used and widely accepted by most of the white and black population.

As a native Californian however I found the term as used in the South to be extremely offensive, not because of the arrangement of the letters to create a word, but in what was the apparent attempt of description of an individuals character by the word.

Being freshly out of the Navy, and living a simple life, I wandered through this nation, thumbing a ride from one state to another for three years, and more often than not found a ride with “People of Color” as my attire became shabbier and my hair grew longer.

Noting the current Regime Leaders use of the word TEA Bagger reminds me of the disconnect the White Southern Democrats had with the idea of a society with no racial boundaries.

The use of the “T” word by President Barack Hussein Obama marks for me a new low in his assault against the American people who choose to disagree with the fundamental shift toward the new Socialist Experiment which he is engaged in.

The constant calls for civility in disagreement ring hollow when placed against his rhetoric. The insistence by Barack HO on a level of discourse above the petty name calling seems nothing more than a way to quiet those who disagree by setting a tone victimhood.

The name calling appears childish from one who is the Regime Leader of the Western Super Power charged with the preservation of the American way of life.

TEA Partier is a moniker I accept gladly and with no reservation, but the pejorative “T” word is only another way to divide Americans between the Obama Zombies and everyone else.

I would suggest a call for greater civility in Political Discourse, but it would be a complete waste of time since I’m certain Barack has no need of it for any but his enemies.


Written by Gar Swaffar

May 5, 2010 at 2:47 am

Posted in Politics, Re-Thinking

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  1. I am not sure when I first heard the word “n*gger”, but I know when I first understood that its use was not condoned in polite society. I was young, perhaps 6 years old. Growing up in Mississippi in the 1950’s, the word was used alot (by both blacks and whites). My parents explained to me that this was not a polite word and that I should not use it. And since 1957 I really haven’t used it.

    Flash forward to 2010. Now we have the president using a similar word (i.e., “teabaggers”). His reasoning, I am sure, is not for “civility”. It is to “define” his enemies. And there is the problem between Conservatives and Liberals in one sentence. Liberals “define” their enemies in as vile a terms as they possibly can. Conservatives generally define the “IDEAS” of their enemies in as vile a terms as they possibly can.

    Gray Ghost

    May 7, 2010 at 12:22 am

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