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American Armageddon or Just a Fizzle

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Will the United States erupt in a New Civil War in 2010? That seems to be the thrust of an article in Russia recently.

A corredpondence from a friend carried a link to an article at “WhatDoesIt

 The perception that the Western World is on the edge of economic collapse isn’t news to any person on the planet with regular access to national and international news. The impending and perhaps probable emergence of a American Civil War III might strike some as being a bit over the top, unless of course they start considering the amount of debt which is being piled up by the current American Regime at such a staggering pace as to outdistance even spendaholics on steroids at Christmas time in a new shopping mall.

The link above paints a picture of gloom and probable doom on the part of those who would keep America as it is today. One nation from sea to shining sea.

Some citizens have been preparing quietly, and with a very focused goal of obtaining what would be needed in the advent of a collapse of all the activities which keep America humming along and providing all the necessities of life to each of its citizens.

Items such as easily stored food staples, seeds, guns and ammunition are currently commanding higher prices coast to coast.


One of the main thrusts of the article is to suggest that preparation for thee upcoming Civl War III will be the introduction back to the United States of more than 200,000 American servicemen now stationed overseas to quell the anticipated Civil War III.

I must admit I don’t believe the current American Regime in power to be smart enough to see that far ahead, but I do believe he has surrounded himself with enough angry America haters who can, and would like, to take advantage of any upwelling of anger and indignation at the economic and Constitutional atrocities which have been taking place for the last thirty years or so.


The current American Regime is undoubtedly the least friendly in terms of respect for the country this nation has ever seen.

At times I feel like a character in a movie – Mel Gibson – in Conspiracy Theory, and then I realize how insane that concept is, and then I remember that at the end of the movie, Mel Gibson is proven to have been correct in his assumptions all along. And then i remember it was just a movie written by more America Haters in Hollywood.

Perhaps a short term tell-tale will be whether or not something as massive as the return of 200,000 troops to the United States occurs, even if under the radar of attention of the Socialist Media Government Propoganda Complex, it would seem difficult to hide.

In the mean time, the twenty-five and fifty pound bags of rice and beans I’m storing in a nitrogen rich environment will at least not likely go to waste any time soon. 




Written by Gar Swaffar

November 29, 2009 at 10:46 pm

Posted in Re-Thinking

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