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Korean Flooding – Nuke the Moon

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Last month the North Korean Government told the world 300 of its people had been drowned or otherwise brought to room temperature by the worst flooding since Noah’s Ark. This week the NoKo’s are proclaiming 600 at room temperature from the floods, now being proclaimed as ten times worse than the 2006 floods.

 It’s possible I suppose, but the manner in which it is  handled from the NoKo’s always makes it seem like another Marketing Campaign. The NoKo’s didn’t get enough donations from South Korea or the UN so they needed to redo their technique for begging for cash assistance. This after the UN is deeply embroiled in another ethics case involving the North Koreans and the funneling of nearly a $100 million (USD) to the NoKo’s.

The money ostensibly for aid and relief, was in large part not tracked or accounted for once it was in the NoKo’s hands. And as it turns out it was in the NoKo’s hands as soon as it was passed to the UN agency (UNDP) which was processing the payments. With two thirds of the Agency personnel being North Koreans – which was not allowed in theory, the money simply melted away into the NoKo treasury to be dealt with in whatever fashion the pipsqueak Kim Jong I’m So ILL wanted to.

All of the issues surrounding the money being funneled to a govenrment so bereft of compassion for its own people as to simply allow them to starve to death while the million man North Korean Army is fed, housed, and supported in grandiose style is unconscionable.

Then, there is the issue of why so many people die when it rains in North Korea. It tends to rain there just about every year. Just like it has for a few thousand years  or more. With all  the benefits communism and a totalitarian goverment can bring to bear on problems ( so say the Leftist Liberal Fruitloops of America) why is the infrastructure of this tiny bit of a country in such poor repair and why does it seem only to be getting worse as it loses the ability to find other countries willing to keep it propped up?

Why is it necessary for so many of its people to die just becasue it happens to rain again, just like it did last year! Is it perhaps tied to the inability of a communist nation to really care about much of anything except its own existence as distinguished from the existence of the people who comprise the contry?

Somewhat like the existence of the current New American Aristocracy (U.S. CONgress) The politicians of the CONgress right now seem to have more concern for the next election cycle and their chances of remaining as the New American Aristocracy than they do about the concerns of terrorism, economic issues, crime and safety, loss of constitutuional freedoms, the southern border being a revolving door for Illegal Economic Invaders or anything else of substance.

The only time any of these issues get mentioned these days is somewhere along the campaign trail for whichever Aristocrat is running a desperate campaign for re-election or in the case of (apparently half of the East Coast) DemoKrats, running for the Top Job.

 I’ve stated it before, and I will restate it today. North Korea is seeking Nuclear Weapons, they have publicly stated they have nuclear weapons, even though the underground testing was ambiguous as to what they tested.

MY suggestion is to give them several functioning nuclear weapons, half a dozen is a good number. One of them should be sent directly to Pyongmyang, special delivery.

The others should blanket the area between North Korea and South Korea. That would allow the American Troops now stationed in South Korea to come home, always a popular subject in political circles (and for the soldiers famnilies too)

Nuke The Moon


Written by Gar Swaffar

August 25, 2007 at 3:55 pm

Posted in Third World

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