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The Cost of Illegals

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In the foothils of California, a fire broke out last night (8/22/07) in a remote area of Tuolumne County, near Columbia, a town turned into a State Park. One of the Mexican Drug Cartel groups had a campfire.

Nearly a hundred acres burned, a great many homes being evacuated, displacement of lives, even if only for a short time. There is a cost to this beyond the actual and real cost of fighting the fire and the fire fighters who were hurt doing so.
I had driven up into the area this morning to do a job. I was turned back because a road in that area had been closed.

With nothing else to do, I stuck around to find out what the “scoop” was on the fire. In speaking with one of the local Law Enforcement manning the roadblock, it came out that the fire had begun in the area of a Marijuana Garden. Apparently this garden like so many in the region was manned by Illegal Economic Invaders from one of the Mexican Drug Cartels who frequent the area due to the availability of very remote areas with access to water.
 In listening to the CalFire spokesperson on the radio, it was revealed that over $1,500,000 have been spent this year so far fighting fires which began at pot gardens in the area.

The suppression costs of this fire are likely to come close to another half million for the seventeen engine crews, three air tankers, seven hand crew and one helicopter.

Lets not even try to work out the cost of the three firefighters who got hurt. One with a broken arm and two less seriously.
The community in question is a relativley small one in terms of population, not so small in the size of the County involved. There is simply no way for a County government of that size to adequately patrol an area so large. And the reality is, they shouldn’t have to. Not at least for Mexican Drug Cartels who seem to run rampant at will!

The cost of the Illegal Invasionists, the cost of dealing with more drug growers and more drug traffickers is beyond the scope of a local goverment. The root cause of this issue is a border which is so porous as to be effectively no border at all. Just a line in the sand, and sometimes not even a line.
Congress has appropriated more than $800 million to build 800 + miles of fence, to date only 18 miles have been built. The Democrat Congress is dragging its feet, trying not to build a fence which will close the border to so many prospective liberal socialist voters.
It is nearly the time for an overhaul of our governmental system. The current system is completely non-responsive to the requirements of its populace. The overiding concern of 98% of all the CONgress (as distinguished from PROgress) is to get re-elected. to paraphrase Adm. Farragut, “Damn the people! Full speed ahead, in reverse”

The actions of a CONgress fully devoted to being re-elected, and the need to spend copious amounts of time on developing the funds to pay for the time spent electioneering means the average Schmoe in office only spends roughly half his or her time actually doing the primary job they are there to do!
It’s time for a return to the roots of the CONgressional system. Part-time legislators, who will serve a term and go home. It’s time to remove the exhorbitant retirement benefits which allow a CONgress critter to earn more after retiring than they earned while serving.

It’s time to remove a government so involved with lobbyists and former CONgress critters turned lobbyist as to blur the distinction as to who is who at any given moment.
The time has come not to control lobbying, but to remove lobbying as a function of government. It’s time to institute the death penalty for anyone caught trying to influence an Officer of the CONgress for any reason. With the trial for such an act to be held within thirty days of an indictment, and execution within thirty days after the trial. One appeal and one appeal only and that only to the SCOTUS, no stops at any of the Circuit Court of Appeals.
With a few or several examples made of the ne’er do wells attempting to subvert the Democratic form of our Government, By, Of and For the People, the incidence of misalgnment of priorities in CONgress could be corrected in one election cycle it seems.

Or is it perhaps well past the time for make the corrections in Government ???



Written by Gar Swaffar

August 24, 2007 at 1:58 am

Posted in Re-Thinking

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