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Committee of Correspondence

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bob-filner.jpgBob Filner – Democrapper, the California Rep from the Chula Vista area, 51st congressional district, the replacement for  Randall “Snidley Whiplash” Cunningham is quite a piece of work.

On top of just being a typical liberal with chicken manure for brains syndrome, and being now a part of the New American Aristocracy he is also just a tad easily upset when things don’t go his way.

 Hey, Bob try opening your left eye too, it makes you look real goofy when you squint that way. And maybe a smile for a change would help too. Or don’t bother, you’re a doofus anyway we look at it.

What is it about going to DC that makes these dirtbags act worse than my six year old grandson? The sleazemobile just seems to drive by DC and drop them off all the time. Can’t we get term limits introduced and leave some of the n’er do wells at ground zero?

Bob up there looks like Snidley Whiplash’s doofus brother Snerdly Whiplash, the one too stupid to be a good crook, so everybody got together and helped him run for office in the CONgress. Oh well he was on his way to Iraq, I suppose we can only do the right thing, and hope he makes it back safely. How pathetic.

In a time before this nation became the nation it is today, it had men like John Adams, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, Issac Sears, Paul Revere, John Hancock and more. These Patriots were labeled ‘seditious’ by the tax levying Brits prior to the Revolutionary War, and called the Sons of Liberty first by a British parlimentarian Issac Barre.

 At this time in the life of this Coutry there is again the need for The Sons of Liberty to rise up a new generation to reclaim that which has been stolen from us, the people of this country. Namely the country itself!

everywhere I look I see the evidence of a new Gentry Class of robber barons. The only difference being that instead of having the politicians in their back pocket, the new robber barons are the politicians.

CONgress, The New American Aristocracy, all for one and the rest be dammed.

Sounds a bit like that cretin Cornelius Vanderbilt who built the Grand Central Station in New York whose most famous quote of course when faced with dismal railroad safety problems “The public be damned”

Time though for a new code, one term in office and one only, if you can’t fix a problem in four years, let someone else take a whack at it.

The question being how to enact a National Term Limit proposal, when it’s in the best interest of the people who make laws to ignore the demands of the populace to pass a law which restricts their (the New American Aristocracy’s) ability to remain in power. And it is all about power, the power to levy taxes, just like the Brits in 1765 did with the Stamp Act, and then again with the tax on tea which produced the Boston Tea Party.

In all of the hullabaloo reigning at the time there sprang up what was known as Committees of Correspondence.  Can it be the reason so many in government today are interested in quieting the blogosphere? They don’t want a repeat of the Committees of Correspondence? All the rabble actually communicating and deciding enough is enough?

Can’t have that can we.


Written by Gar Swaffar

August 21, 2007 at 6:30 am

Posted in Government Goobers

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