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Send the Bitch Home NOW

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It’s high time for Elvira Arellano to go home. To Mexico. And then to stay there. Her concerns about her son mean she should take him with her.

Having noticed she’s been arrested in L.A  today I can only say, “It’s about time!”   

This situation points out the wrong headedness of providing citizenship to progeny of illegal aliens.

In this case an economic invader from Mexico, who has been flaunting her status and hiding out in a sanctuary in Chicago. For my two cents worth, this could have been expedited with a single 9mm slug. Seems a bit rough I know, but then on the other hand she did actually enter the country illegally and then have a kid (which we got to pay for) and then she got caught in identity theft, using some one elses social security number.

The issue of having a kid here is for me a non factor. We paid for it, but so what? If she wants to keep him with her, she should be allowed to, or even prompted to, or at the optimum, required to keep the brat with her.

America for Americans.

Everybody else is just hired help. Use ’em, pay ’em, send ’em home


Written by Gar Swaffar

August 20, 2007 at 1:21 am

Posted in Immigration

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