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Border Agent Deserves Award

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The as yet unamed Border Patrol Agent who was protecting his Country and him or herself deserves at least one award, and more probably two of them. One for being brave enough to shoot an animal breaking the law by breaking into the country and for being a human trafficker. Then another award for being a good shot.

Remember kids, “Gun Control is being able to hit your target”

The Border Patrol Agent in question is probably in need of support and legal help, for the crime of doing their job. The question now might be whether or not this agent will go to prison as fast as, or faster than Campeon and Ramos did. There is one thing for sure though, the human trafficking slime ball wetback who got caught this time will NOT testify against the Border Patrol Agent.

The proper burial for that coyote cretin should include being left by the side of the highway like roadkill on parade.

Next a big sign should be put up where the Maximum Enforcment Procedure occurred.

With a picture of Jose Alejandro Ortiz Castillo and then ONLY in ENGLISH

Here is where your slime ball, dirtbag, asshole, coyote of a wetback father raper buddy bit the dust.” Care to join him? If you want your picture here, please take three more steps north and pick up a rock.

But enough of the animal who got his just reward for being a doofusite dirtbag.

Kudo’s and a hearty well done to the as yet unamed Border Patrol Agent


Written by Gar Swaffar

August 11, 2007 at 4:22 am

Posted in Immigration

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