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NY Tornado & Early Primaries

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On the surface there appears to be no connection between the tornado in Brooklyn the early election primaries and the Texas Dead Zone .  But to any savvy raconteur there is always a connection. Its the wheels within wheels concept which has come  full circle.

The real aggressor in this scenario is of course the Ponderously Early Election Primary Schadenfreude. In ordinary circumstances the objective of most Liberal Candidates for any office would  of course be to prove how many of their Orthodox Conservative opponents are really just gutter dwellers surviving on the Shadenfreude Principle of Economics. The problem with the current election cycle is the extremely early beginning of the Liberal Electioneering Android Perpetrators

In this election cycle we have entered into truly new territory by entering the election cycle so freakin’ early even the Liberalista Press Monkeys get tired of it and start pushing storys about pandas in a zoo, zoos seeking pandas, zoos without pandas and why on earth does China have a complete monopoly on the wild panda production habitat?

But I digress. (digressification is a strategery known only to extreme raconteurism professionals)

The link to the seemingly random occurences of a tornado in Brooklyn, a largish Dead Zone off the coast of Texas and the PEEPS is the animosity of the Liberal Candidates to each other and to the Othodox and Quasi-Orthodox Conservative candidates.

It’s that animosity so close to the surface of even the Burgeoning Breck Girl candidacy of John “I’m a Man” Edwards ( so says his wife) which is the link in the catastrophes of the tornado and the Texas Dead Zone (TDZ).

All of the aggression of the second and third tier candidates is creating a huge zone of superheated air which rises over the city of New York when the NY Times exposes (or slimes) another revelation of the atrocities of war in the Fight to Escape Capitalism Under Neo Democratic Socialist leadership.

While the tornado in Brooklyn is of course, simply a result of an exercize in administering freedom of the press, there is also the nasty little problem of the TDZ which is related to the issue of the swirling nexus of political discord over New York and Washington D.C. That would of course be due to the upcoming month long vacation of President Bush as he returns to Crawford Texas for a relaxing Photp Op with the Frenchy Presidenty Sarkozy or perhaps another of the Royal Saudi family with whom W can hold hands.

The TDZ being a strategery to keep enemy porpoises, whales, dolphins and other crustacean like behemoths from creeping up the Brazos river estuary and then into the back seat of Cindy Sheehan’s Yugo or Volkswagon or whatever she drives and from there into the hinterland of Crawford.

The methodology of the TDZ is really most ingenious for a Texican to have thought of. The El Presidente Texican concieved of the idea entirely on his own. By using his connections in the oil industry and getting access to the Strategeric Oil Reserves of the nation he simply had oil pumped into a vast underwater cavern at the mouth of the Brazos river, then had air pumped into the cavern under high pressure. Thereby creating the Diesel Cycle effect which ignites the oil in the same fashion by which a diesel engine works.

As the oil is burned it naturally uses up the available oxygen. The resulting fumes are then allowed to escape into the ocean and produces an area which is depleted in oxygen. The oxygen depleted area prevents all of the trained propoises from crossing through the affected area of the ocean.

 As a result of the ongoing effect of having a Republican In Name Only President we now have a Texas Dead Zone, tornadoes in Brooklyn and a Ponderously Early Election Primary Shadenfreude cycle.

The answer to all of these problems would be for the Federal Reserve to reduce the Prime Lending Rate a modest quarter of a percent. That though is very unlikely to happen while the Tri-lateral Commission holds such sway as it does in the Government of the United States.

With all of the Presidents since (and including) Jimmy “The Peanut Head” Carter being Tri-lateral Commission members and the stated goal of the Tri-lateral Commisssion being a New World Economic Order the reality of the world includes only the ability of the American People to correct the problem by rising up in anger when the Soverignty of the United States of America is threatened. Hence the need for greater gun control by the existing governmental regimes – whether Liberal, Conservative (RINO) or any sub-set within either group.

The time is close for the People of this country to make a choice.

Be Free                                                                                                                                          

or ……………………


Written by Gar Swaffar

August 10, 2007 at 4:15 am

Posted in Re-Thinking

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