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The Democrats are at it again in California. One Republican lawyer is trying to get an initiative on the ballot in California to allocate Electoral College votes by CONgressional district, and the Leftoidal Morons are aghast at the thought. 

How dare somebody actually try to increase the voter enfranchisement of a group of Conservative districts?
The Blue Meanines are foaming at the mouth because as many as 19 of the CONgressional districts in an otherwise Blue State are very conservative in nature and population demographics. Go figure, I happen to live in one of those districts, and we are always left out in the cold, metaphoricaly speaking.

Every time the Peoples DemoKratik Republik of Kahliffonia gives all of its Electoral College votes to the candidate closest to the reincarnation of Karl Marx, I am disenfranchised. My vote and the votes of  all the voters in 19 other districts mean nothing in the face of the overwhelmingly Uber Liberal coastal areas of the state.

If this initiative is able to make it to the ballot box, I can think of about 19 districts it will carry, and carry those districts by such a wide margin it might even make a hiccup on the radar of the rest of the state.

The idea is a baby step I’m hoping, in the Grand Hope of disassembling this amalgam of Neo-Socialist Coastal disticts from the more conservative Inland disrticts.
It would at least return a voice to a few million people who are otherwise cast aside at each national election cycle.

The current system is just not FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a Liberalista War Cry, does it not?
The Liberalsita’s whine and moan when three Belarussian-Latvian Blind, One-Legged Ballet dnacers are left out of the system for nothing more than that they don’t happen to be an American citizen!

So how about the rest of us who ARE US Citizens and would like to have a voice in the election of the leader of the Free World.
And hopefully be able to find someone who is an actual conservative, who won’t try to lead us down the primrose path to a New World Order.
I could go for that.
The Presidential Election Reform Act  (link to the initiative proposal)   initiative is long overdue.


Written by Gar Swaffar

August 1, 2007 at 4:38 am

Posted in Re-Thinking

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