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 Different Day More Liberal Drivel from W. Dang but that hurts. At his townhall (reported by AP) style meeting he expresses dismay that his Amnesty bill hit a roadblock called the AMERICAN PUBLIC.

One quote from the story   “…said Bush, “I can make you a prediction … that pretty shortly people are going to be knocking on people’s doors saying `Man we’re running out of workers.”

Well Dufus W, heres a direct quote from a Purely Conservative point of view.

Keep on flogging that dead horse of Amnesty and you will be knocking on doors trying to find where your last supporters are. They will all be gone.
The American Public , Conservatives and even some less than totally ignorant Liberals have no desire to have a bunch of wetback Mexicans made legal and given preferential treatment and government subsidies and/or welfare.

Let it go fool. It’s done.
And then pardon those two Border Partol agents. Scooters three year term in a white collar prison was “excessive”? But 11 years and 12 years for Ramos and Compean is just about right?

There is a point at which loyalty to a person, when faced with their ineptitude and wrong headedness is just plain silly.
I think we are there. I know I am.
I’m tired and sick to death of a Liberal in Conservative’s clothing. I want a Conservative in charge. Not a RINO RepubliKrat.


Written by Gar Swaffar

July 20, 2007 at 5:11 am

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