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Sissy Boy Cleric

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Yo! Maulana Is That You?  Yo! Maulana Is That You In There?

Pakistani police have captured the Chief Cleric from the “Red Mosque”

A little sissy boy muslim, Maulana Abdul Aziz, tried to sneak out of the mosque compound by dressing in a black, full length womans burqa. At this time there are no indications of any accessories such as purse, shoe style or wig hat which the sissy boy was wearing or if he was wearing anything except the burqa.

I thought there were all sorts of moozlum ‘laws’ against women and men touching each other.And there are. So then that leads to the question of what happens to the female officer who was searching the women who left the mosque compound for having touched a “man” ( at least sort of a man – more like a really ugly sissy he/she)

Does this female police officer have any sort of recourse against the cleric who placed her in this position? or is she just SOL? Can she do, or have the sissy boy cleric do some sort of ritual cleansing? At least the Jews who these arab idiots hate so much have a methodology  for cleaning the ceremonialy unclean.

Go figure, living in the seventh century with a seventh century mindset on persoanl hygeine. No wonder those guys are always so upset, I’ve seen pictures of the Neighborhood Camel Wash. Nothing of the sort for their wives. In a land where 120 degree afternoons are not uncommon. No wonder the camels keep a wary eye on the men there and have such an evil disposition. 


Written by Gar Swaffar

July 5, 2007 at 1:54 am

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