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Economic Invasion & The Minimum Wage

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 Illegal Immigrationists is Economic Invasion of this country. illegal Immigration has waged war (economically) against the working poor of this Country. This occurred to me today after hiring someone to do some work at my home.
He was a good worker, willing to work hard in 100 degree weather. But for all intents – unemployed.

An individual who was not wiling to work for minimum wage. So I started wondering why is it that the minimum wage has stayed so low for so long. As in everything else in life, when the Governement gets involved it bound to go fubar in a hurry. So it is with the minimum wage.

I submit to y’all – the minmum wage has remained unable to keep up with inflation becaus of the “shadow workers”. The Illegals smart enough to walk north, but not smart enough to command top wages. Or at least uneducated enough to accept low wages in industry’s unwilling to pay more than the absolute minimum to acheive the desired result.

So this seems like a time to apply common sense. Most Americans want an end to the contiual drag on the economy which the shadow working Illegal Immigration  produces,  and which affects the working poor in this country by keeping their wages and income earning ability artificialy stunted.

Most Americans also want an end to Illegal Immigration for purely legal reasons, with no desire to reward Unlawful Behavior.

Nearly every American wants to live in a country where every person who is capable of working and taking care of themselves – does so. And those people are not allowed to sit on their derriere sucking down tax funded welfare to do nothing more than create more welfare users.

Never forget that welfare is just your tax money being handed to those who won’t do for themselves what thy should be required to do. Make a living and support themselves. And it does no good to mandate another group of laws (laws never seem to be all alone these days, it takes a comprehensive approach and a plethora of laws to deal with every issue that comes up) to make that happen, that direction is just a larger more bloated beauracracy to handle the job of babysitting the uninspired citizen who prefers to do nothing and live a miserable existence in poverty than having a job or a businees to support the good life of which we are neartly all capable.

So… down to the nitty gritty;

To end Illegal Immigration and lift the poor out of poverty demands no new law, no new Government Program. It requires only that we as a Nation close our borders to Illegal Immigration. Period. And at that point remove those who live in the shadows. The removal is really simple, not requiring a massive transport system, we already have one of the finest transport systems on the planet.

We need only mandate that no business be able to hire Illegal Immigrants ( Economic Invaders)
When (and it will happen) a business is found with Economic Invaders as employees, fine them to a degree which will discourage such practices. Such as 10% of the comanies annual gross income per occurrence. Ten Illegals would equal the total gross income for the year. I as an employer would hestitate to put my total gross annual income on the line for cheap labor. Coupled with a refusal to grant Economic Invaders any services from any goverment source, the problem melts away the same way it happened in the first place, the Economic Invaders sneak back into Mexico and go back home to fix the problems where they came from instead of bringing their problemns to us to fix.

To make the greatest impact on the American Economy we would also need to eliminate the idea of Illegal Invaders being able to sneak across the border and have a child which automatically becomes an American citizen. ANd to declare by law, that every child so born in the last eighteen years is stripped of citizenship. They can go home with their parents. That would place all minors with their family and removes the whole concept of Family Reunification.

Simple wasn’t it?


Written by Gar Swaffar

July 5, 2007 at 12:51 am

Posted in Immigration

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