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New American Aristocracy Pt 2

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 The First Amendment to the Constitution  guarantees my right to be obnoxiously right or wrong in regard to my Right of Free Speech. The issue of being right or wrong is a non-issue. Even if I knowing say something which is patently absurd, I have a right to say it, as long as it isn’t lebelous or likely to cause injury to another human being.

The Amnesty Bill which went down in flames today is a case in point. The CONgressional New American Aristocracy was awash in false testimmony about the efficacy of the ”new” bill for fair immigration policy.

Senators Kennedy, Mc Cain, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein et al… And President Jorge W Bushez had a field day with the First Amendment right to speak what they knew to be ludicrously false statements about the Amnesty Bill.

The Conservative New Media – this blog is a very tiny part of it, hit those lying sons a of female dog something 
 where they live though.
Directly in the heart – through the threat of a lack of votes in the next election cycle.

Enough Senators paid enough attention to the promise of having to leave the New America Aristocracy (CONgress) to do the right thing for what was probably the wrong reason.

That as they say is the rub. The New American Aristocracy did the right thing, for now, but didn’t do it for the right reason. The right reason would have been because they knew in their heart and mind that Amnesty by any name is still amnesty and is fudamentally wrong.

Rewarding wrong behavior with a promise of gain is guaranteed to elicit further wrong behavior. IF you don’t believe that, try giving your six year old a piece of candy every time he slaps his sister while you tell him “Jose! don’t hit your sister!, would you like butterscotch or chocolate?” Jose’ sister is going to have chocolate handprints all over her.

So while the Amnesty bill is defeated, it wasn’t defeated by logic and reason, it was defeated by threat of force, albeit political force. But that begs the question of what happens when the Fairness Doctrine being touted by Pelosi, Reid, Trent Lott, Kennedy, Kucinich, Voinovich,  Kerry and the rest of the Neo Socialist Liberals want to reinstate the Censorship of Speech. Primarily because it derailed the process of Amnesty and the big plans for big numbers of poor and illiterate voters to maintain their positions in the New American Aristocracy.

What the New American Aristocracy has forgotten though is the Second Amendment. It ensures the Right of the People   (with the exception of the Sedition Act of 1798 or 1918)  to bear arms. Now to be perfectly honest, I don’t fully believe the New American Aristocracy has forgotten the 2nd Amendment, but I do believe they are not concerned by the number of American Patriots who might rise up against them.

That may just show how out of touch those fools really are. Being the Aristocracy of the 21st Century brings a certain sense of invulnerability to the group of 100 and even to the Lower House.


Written by Gar Swaffar

June 29, 2007 at 4:10 am

Posted in Immigration

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