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New American Aristocracy

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 Legalizing 12 million unlawful immigrants “is worth the fight,” Kennedy said. 

Kinda says it all doesn’t it.

It’s not about the rule of law, nor the rights of Americans to maintain a secure border, nor even about what might be the right thing to do for Legal immigrants. Just the Illegal Invasionistas.

Teddy Two Quart Kennedy is the reason I dropped the DementedKratic party in 1989.
It was the year the Kennedy/Dodd waitress sandwich story surfaced. It was just way over the top for me. I couldn’t stand to be in the same party as Teddy Two Quart another day.

So now old Two Quart is up to his same old Aristocratic Disdain for the Rule of Law again. Nothing matters to Two Quart except – more voters to allow him to do another forty five years in CONgress. Can you imagine what it’s going to cost the average American Taxpayer to support the rejuvenation treatments for Two Quart? Which wouldn’t even touch on the issue of the ED product male enhancment medication to keep him ‘on the prowl’ until he hits the century and a half mark.

The absolute bottom line question in regard to Illegal Immigrant Amnesty for me though is :
“When will  enough be enough?”
When will the New American Aristocracy (CONgress) be so completely reviled by every rational thinking person in the United States that it will be time to drag every last one of them kicking and screaming into the street and …

Well, it’s not a pretty picture which I conjure up, but neither is the specter of unlimited Illegal Immigration occuring in this Country. The collapse of this Nation as a Soverign Nation will be sooner rather than later when Amnesty for Illegals becomes reality.

And for that I Blame Jorge W Bushez, Two Quart Kennedy and John “My Left Turn Signal Is On” McCain.
They seem to be the driving forces behind the process at the The New American Aristoctacy (CONgress).

I half expect for Jorge and Two Quart to stand up and tell us all “Let them eat cake!”

Or perhaps it would be more fitting for Nancy Puloozy to do that. Whatever, One of them is sure to think of it sooner or later. My money is on Jorge. For a man who had every ability to do the right thing and not worry about the consequences, he failed.
Jorge could have made a lasting impression on this Nation for decades yet unknown, in a positve way. Instead he has chosen the route of infamy. A complete abrogation of the Rule of Law.  Shame on you Jorge, you sir have let us down. Even a dullard as simple as George W Bush should be able to see the inherant connection between a secure border and a Nation secure from Jihadiim nurturing mayhem in their hearts for evey non-muslim alive today.

Way to go Jorge, just what this Country needed, another Benedict Arnold figure to ridicule for the next fifty years or so until the end of The Great American Experiment in Democracic Republics.
When my grandchildren look back at this point in history, my hope is that they will be able to point to a Man or a Woman who was brave enough and smart enough to do the right thing for the right reason.

At this time I don’t see anyone who can step up to the plate and do that. Fred Thompson is a possibility perhaps. But even Fred has some issues I don’t like with respect to immigration and amnesty.
It is absolutely certain I see no one else on the horizon with a chance of being elected who shows any sign of having ‘The Right Stuff’. And the GOP might as well be the Whig Party for all it matters now.

The DementedKrats show the needed talent to reach the masses by electronic media which the GOP at best struggles to even comprehend. Whether blogging or podcasting, the Old GOP seems to be worn out.
There is a desparate need for a Republican John Kennedyesque sort of figure. Something of a maverick in his party, and somthing of a REAL American. And rich enough to tell the party hacks to take a flying leap.


Written by Gar Swaffar

June 26, 2007 at 5:09 am

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