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Jorge W Bushez and Common Sense – No Connection

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WHAT a tightwad Jorge has become. Six years too late. In all the time Presidente Jorge W Bushez has been in office, he allowed his earmark crew (the entire Senate and House) to load up every piece of legislation with as much pork as possible.
I have no doubt, even without doing a minute of research that bill’s made it through committee, a fulll vote, and were signed into law, with more total pork spending than the original bill called for to do the original senseless issue being dealt with.

So here he is now, telling us, his Conservative base how he is going to be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. To be honest, it sounds like a promise from the Anti-Christ. Just another promise to be broken at the soonest conveinient time.

I have consistently railed against the Liberals and the Kerry’s-Kennedy’s-Klintons, and AlGore et al.
But Jorge is such a disappointment and such a supreme disallusionment I find myself wondering if John Effen Kerry could have been any worse. Is it just possible that John Effen, faced with the reality of 9-11-01 might have been able to step up to the plate despite his inane and idiotic attitude towward the VietNam war?

I look at all of the choices we had in 2000, and there stands Jorge with the look of Alfred E. Newman and that stupid “What Me Worry” grin on his slap happy child like face and wonder  – How much worse could it have been  if we elected even Larry King? or Ralph Nader?

Enemies of the nation are easy to find in the ranks of the Liberals, but how bad can it be to have an honest enemy?  Someone who honestly states their desire to inflict the greatest harm possible. That would actually be a lot easier to deal with it seems. Jorge W on the other hand pretended to be a Conservative, with the values of a good Christian boy at heart. I doubt both.

Well… no, I doubt his good Christian heart since he is apparently a liar and the truth is not in him.  His Conservatism is no longer in doubt, it simply does NOT exist. Jorge W is a liberal through and through. Fiscally, socially, and politically in time of war. A liberal.
A liberal trying to run a war which means everything to the existence of this Country. Win the War On Terror, or cease to exist as we are today and have been in the past. The only two choices. And Boy Jorge is not up to the task by a long shot.

Boy Jorge is as bad as it gets. Give me Larry King, Rosie ODonnell, Marion Barry, or even Raoul Castro, it couldn’t be any worse.

If it wasn’t for Nanny Peaslousy being in the line of succession I would call for and work toward impeachment of the IQ Deficient Imbecile of DC.

Truth be known, there just aren’t an awful lot of options left on the table these days. The Federal government is running amok, paying absolutely no attention to the American Public, trying again to push another Amnesty bill down our throats. Amnesty may be what it takes to gel the opposition to Liberalism to run amok

I can picture Twenty Million Americans rising up indignantly at being held is such low esteem as to be scorned for trying to hold CONgress to the notion of the Rule of Law, and for demanding the Illegal Invaders be deported.

Will  the Jorges, Hillary’s and John McCains find it in their hearts to use the Military to quell the uprising?
Will they suspend the Law of   Posse Comitatus  to put the “Unruly Right Winger Mobs” into internment camps. Technically the Posse Comitatus Act need not even be suspended if the President   as of  Sept. 30, 2006  has reason to call the unruly mobs involved in insurrection and institutes the Insurrection Act as enabled by the CONgress.

Give thought to the issue of what is or is not allowed now. Places me in mind of the original problems with the King of England and the Colonies who were tired of being shat on by King George.

Or  is it possible for  the American Public to rise up en masse in a Surge even the Defense Dept. might have no hope of dealing with?


Written by Gar Swaffar

June 24, 2007 at 7:35 am

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