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Deportation Made Easy

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A portion of the argument against CONgress actually fixing the Illegal Invasionist problem has been the stated inability to deport the 12-20 million Illegal Invasioists already in country.

 Like so much of the CONgressional malarkey, it’s more than just wrong, it’s also a flat out lie.

What always seems to happen whether RepubliKrat or DemubliKan is to try to overstate the problem and then seek a Governmental solution to a problem which only needs an application of common sense.

The Illegal Immigration issue is a case in point. If instead of seeking to confer legal status on the ILLEGAL INVASIONISTAS from Mexico and points south, if all the government did was to ignore them  entirely, the “problem” would go away.

By ignoring them, what I mean, includes no provision for any sort of services while they are in this country illegaly. If they fall down and break a leg, it may be a long hobble back to a Mexican hospital but that would be the only place for them to go.

If they break a law and are then caught, instead of a pat on the head and a ‘citation’ to appear in court for an INS hearing (which they won’t do), give them a stiff jail sentence (for the crime) in a working prison camp, performing any sort of labor which will allow them to earn the right to eat on any given day. After they have served the entire sentence they could then be taken back to the border and offered two choices, back to Mexico or … back to Mexico. (or whatever there country of origin is)

Any Illegal caught in this country more than once – a repeat offender – can be automatically given a doubled sentence for Illegaly invading the Soverign Nation of the United States of America.

The illegals could be used as laborers in the border area, being provided to private business, companies, corporations or whoever has need of cheap labor – at a price to be paid to the State – not Federal government – who is incarcerating and providing the Foregin Nationals to whichever is the highest bidder for the services.

If there isn’t enough work in private business to occupy the time of the Illegals, they can be given ‘chores’ to do. The thought of having a canal dug from California to the Texas Gulf sounds like a worthwhile project which would keep the Illegals busy for quite awhile.

 The point of all this being to do away with ALL of the incentives to be in this country illegaly. No incentives and stiff punshment would do the job of deportation in a hurry is my thought. Instead of wetbacks streaming into the US, we might even see a mass exodus of Illegals going south – a different style of Run For The Border.

This solution isn’t Politically Correct, or Socially Correct or even the best answer, but it has one thing  going for it which the current Amnesty bill before CONgress will never have. It would work, and it won’t make the problem worse.

Until the borders are secure, this Nation is not secure. Seems like Common Sense doesn’t it?


Written by Gar Swaffar

June 24, 2007 at 7:09 am

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