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Turkeymeister Chancellor – Good Idea Dudeski

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From the AP [link]

The head Turkeymeister in charge of the Universities (Chancellor) has canned a professor for badmouthing the dudeski who begat the ‘Modern Turkey’.
the interesting quote i found in the article is:

“A professor “does not have to like Ataturk but I cannot allow a person who is opposed to the Republic’s main principles to educate students,” Yamac told Vatan newspaper in an interview published Monday.”

My thought being – it would be a principle well applied to this country.
The professors and other intelligentsia don’t have to like the concepts of Freedom, Right to Protect OUR country, right to disagree with the professors, right to worship God – in class or out, sing a hym – in class or out, nor do they even have to agree about the RIGHT of this country to remain a Democratic Republic.

But if they would like to keep their soft cushy job, perhaps they should shut the pie hole when they have the thought to denigrate the country in which they live. Perhaps even NOT teach socialism, and the concepts of communism as a RIGHT of passage into the Higher Echelons of Academia


Written by Gar Swaffar

December 5, 2006 at 3:43 am

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