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Crazy Libs, Don’t Act It, BE IT

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James Carville at NewsMax
has a lttany of remedies for the Peoples Democratic Party of US, from his latest book.
The problem with Jimmy and co-author paul Begala though don’t seem to realize the direction they are going. The excerpts from the book and the interviews point out the Conservative Light views Jimmy and Paul want Hillary to push for the next two years.
Ideas such as wrap ourselves in the flag.
James doesn’t get it. The Conservatives didn’t wrap themselves in the flag. We on the Right side of the aisle BELIEVE in being patriots, not just acting patriotic. Wrapping oneself in the flag has been a derogatory comment from the left since Vientnam. Now the Libs want to use that same “flag” idiology to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the American voters. Call me itrational but I belive the American people are smart enough to see the difference between the malarkey Carville is spouting and th real concern for American safety the Conservatives are trying to achieve.

The Libs seem to still think they could make it all better if they could just sit down with Osama bin duckin’ and talk it over and come to a consensus on what the position of the Great Satan (America) should be in the world.
And make no mistake the majority of Lib Leaders see, or at least profess for the consumption of their Far Lefty Loon supporters the concept of the U.S. being wrong in nearly every aspect of who and what we are.

James, don’t act like you want to wrap yourself in the flag, BE the patriot you want Hillary to act like.


Written by Gar Swaffar

January 17, 2006 at 2:26 am

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